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Project Monarch LA, officially launched in March of 2023, is an ongoing Monarch habitat and restoration project with the goal of engaging local community members in supporting environmental and biodiversity goals throughout the Southern California parks system. Local communities contribute to the Monarch survival thru the hands on planting of native pollinating plants and milkweed to create the conditions for the successful reproduction of the Monarch Butterfly while being educated on what is truly needed to re-establish biodiversity. Project Monarch LA is leading the effort on Monarch Butterfly habitat enhancement beginning at Los Angeles State Historic Park.  

Los Angeles State Historic Park (LASHP) is a 32-acre California State Park in the heart of Los Angeles that offers beautiful views of downtown and creative public events. LASHP is considered the leading-edge of California State Parks’ efforts to bring the State Parks Mission to some of the most underserved, park- poor communities in the heart of the nation’s second largest city in the United States.  LASHP was conceived and designed with local participation and aims to bring parks and nature into an urban environment. 

The Arts District Community Council of LA is a decade old local 501c3 non profit organization based in the downtown Arts District and is the fiscal sponsor of Project Monarch LA. Our mission is to address the urban lifestyle needs of community stakeholders living and working in the Arts District.  This is includes leadership guidelines and discussion around responsible and sustainable land use, urban greening and public space. Due to the increasingly dramatic effects of climate change and the heat island effect unique to urban environments, ADCCLA’s focus has moved increasingly towards more intensified nature based solutions focusing on enhancing and creating green spaces in the downtown area.  The board continues to support the works of local artists as as well as fostering  community engagement. As a community focused non-profit, we proudly support our State and local parks.

California State Parks Foundation is an independent, member-supported nonprofit that mobilizes a diverse network of Californians to be active champions for our state parks. When you become a champion for California’s state parks, you help them become more climate resilient, protect wildlife and nature, preserve history and culture, and ensure positive park experiences.   Our volunteer workdays provide opportunities for all Californians to join our parks community and to give back to our state parks. We strive to create a welcoming and safe space for people from all backgrounds and walks of life at our events. We ask that all participants join us with a curious mind and caring attitude to help us create a positive impact on our parks and our communities.

The Santa Monica Mountains Fund is the official non-profit supporting the National Park Service (NPS) in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. As such, the Fund works closely with NPS management to allocate funds, resources and our own staff time to support scientific research, trails and ecological maintenance, restoration projects and education for elementary through college students. The native plant nursery at Rancho Sierra Vista (Newbury Park, CA) has a simple mission, and big goals for the future! Our daily goal is to support native plant conservation in the Santa Monica Mountains while welcoming the public to learn and grow with us. Our facilities allow us to collect and clean seed, curate our native plant herbarium, and grow over 50,000 plants a year while involving as many local folks as possible.

Los Angeles River State Park Partners is an independent nonprofit organization and State Parks cooperating association dedicated to supporting the three State Parks adjacent to the L.A. River: Los Angeles State Historic Park in Chinatown/Northeast DTLA; Rio de Los Angeles State Park in Cypress Park; and the Bowtie Parcel, the former G1 Railyard in Glassell Park that will soon become the third River adjacent State Park. As a cooperating association, we endeavor to support the projects brought to the park with the purpose of enhancing and supporting their success through social media, website and email marketing support.

Monarch Watch engages more than 100,000 people each year and has become a leader in efforts to sustain the monarch migration. Through all of our programs, we’ve distributed more than one million milkweeds since 2010. While that is an incredible achievement, we are losing millions of acres of habitat to development and other forms of land conversion so there is much more work to be done. Monarch Watch shipped 288 Narrow Leaf Milkweeds (The Monarch host plant) Asclepias fasciularis as grant awarded to LA State Historic Park for Monarch Butterfly habitat enhancement. 

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