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Art is a beautiful and simple way to connect complex ideas into our psyche.

Butterflies have long been a beloved example of biodiversity and here is an opportunity for you to create some art around that concept.

Below are some samples that could be used to color or design around.

You can trace, or copy, or even paste me into a document, or just use me for inspiration

This guy is a downtown native born and raised in our very own park!

Any of the images can be copied on to a sheet of paper using word, google or any of the other online platforms, but do not feel tied to these images.

All submissions should be done on an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper and should be submitted as follows:

  • Must have a monarch theme. This includes the food they eat, their lifecycle, caterpillar forms as well as Monarchs in motion or flight. The sky is the limit as it were!
  • File name: Please submit in this naming protocol. Medium is ink, pencil, paint etc. PMLA-LASTNAME-FIRSTNAME-AGE-MEDIUM
  • File type: Please submit in PDF or ANY JPEG FORMAT
  • Include your full name, age, and a contact telephone number in the body of the email.
  • Submit file to: projectmonarchla at gmail dot com

That’s it! We will upload your art to the website!

(Your submission to Project Monarch LA allows the use and display of your artwork for the duration of the project. Your artwork image may be used for marketing and promotion of the project. Tangible products will not produced without express permission from the artist.)

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